1. Howdy!

My name is Emma Moore. I’m a freelance graphic designer with a textile practice; Pratt graduate; making print + digital objects and experiences; finding ways to inform the digital with the corporeal; researching the body as a design methodology; based in Brooklyn.

2. Projects

    A Map1

    An Exercise2

A Workbook3

A Journal4

A Reader5

    A Video6
    A Zine7
A Thesis8

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4. Current Interests


7. A Zine: Having fun with Tracy Ma + Emma Moore

A zine* written and composed in the spirit of Tracy Ma, a designer who puts a humorous lens on political + economic commentary, synthesizing contemporary design with intellect, playfulness, and energy.

* May or may not have been designed between the hours of 11pm and 3am, the night before it was due. :) 

“...the mood now, as you encounter it.” –Tracy Ma